Wake Up Down There!
The Excluded Middle Anthology

Edited by Greg Bishop
with articles, interviews and more


The great American tradition of dropout culture makes it over the millennium mark with a collection of the best from The Excluded Middle, the critically acclaimed underground zine of UFOs, the paranormal, conspiracies, psychedelia, and spirit. Contributions from Robert Anton Wilson, Ivan Stang, Martin Kottmeyer, John Shirley, Scott Corrales, Adam Gorightly and Robert Sterling, and interviews with James Moseley, Karla Turner, Bill Moore, Kenn Thomas, Richard Boylan, Dean Radin, Joe McMoneagle, and the mysterious Ira Einhorn (an Excluded Middle exclusive.) Includes full versions of interviews and extra material not found in the newsstand versions.


The Excluded Middle Anthology edited by Greg Bishop


Midway between yes and no, yin and yang, belief and debunkery, inner and
outer space, restraint and debauchery, lies THE EXCLUDED MIDDLE.

In the pages of Wake Up Down There! paranoia mixes well with enlightenment,
UFO encounters are more than "alien  abductions," Nikola Tesla causes
earthquakes in New York, and major league baseball pitchers throw perfect
games while high on LSD. Think you have reality figured out? You can make
your computer work better just by thinking good thoughts. People not only
channel alien messages, but their language and writing as well. Dr. Seuss is
an ascended high priest of Cabbala. Aliester Crowley sees grey aliens in

Here's the best from the critcally acclaimed underground magazine of
uncategorizable weirdness. Contributors include  Robert Anton Wilson, Ivan
Stang, Martin Kottmeyer, John Shirley, and Jim Keith, and interviews feature
UFO jester James Moseley, government intelligence asset Bill Moore,
conspiracy researcher Kenn Thomas, and mysterious international fugitive Ira
Einhorn (along with an original article by Mr. Einhorn-an Excluded Middle
exclusive.) Includes full texts of interviews and extra material not
originally in the magazine, including a new "Virtual" issue with material
never before published.

"The Excluded Middle  is the best damn magazine in the fringe science field,
and this book belongs on the shelf of all open-minded people...Ponders
reports of things that suggest that we need to enlarge our paradigm "
-Robert Anton Wilson

"[The Excluded Middle] Will reach many people who are seeking new ideas and
information and are discouraged by the dogmatic attitude of most journals in the field" 
-Jacques Vallee

"Tailor-made for fizzing my whacked-paradigm sensibilities"
-Doug Moench - Author, The Big Book Of Conspiracies,
The Big Book Of The Unexplained

From Adventures Unlimited Press - 8/12"x 11" - 430 pages - illustrated

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