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From The Editor:
From time to time, when I can't sell or dump my thoughts onto other people's publications or websites, I will place them here to give myself an inflated sense of self worth. If you have anything to add, send it my way & I might put it up. It's pretty much a free-for-all.
Feel free to e-mail me via Excluded MiddleSpaceBrother at dslextreme dot com with any reactions or offers of payment.
Greg Bishop


Greg Bishop

Author of the new book Project Beta, Los Angeles Radio Host, Excluded Middle Magazine Editor, Project Censored Award Winner, Conspiracy Zone contributor, Regional Representative Centre for Fortean Zoologyfor the Centre for Fortean Zoology, Author of Numerous Magazine Articles, Professional Judge Ito Impersonator, and ... Kook.

Greg's interests run the gamut of "Alien Writing", Consciousness, ParaPolitics, UFO Contactees, Remote Viewing, Fortean Phenomena, CryptoZoology and much much more.

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  • 38th National UFO Conference - 2001


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