I S S U E 8

Excluded Middle #8


Intros / News

Cattle Mutilations have nothing to do with aliens, Obituaries, CIA Openness memo reveals contradictions (duh), Maury Island UFO Case, and MORE

Close Personal Friends

Dean Radin, phD. Interviewed by Greg Bishop

Kenn Thomas of Steamshovel Press Interviewed by Dene Genesee


Remote Viewing Testimonial and Contest - Let the games begin!

Flying Saucers and Airliners: A feud as old as the Hills - Scott Corrales

The Black Knight From Space - Phil Dick's VALIS was an artificial satellite - John Carter

...with MORE articles by Adam Gorightly, Dean James and...

Opinion / Rant

Denial of Instinct, or Man, the Most Stupid Species: Do humans have the Buddha Nature? Jeremy Bate

...with MORE rants by Donna Kossy, John Shirley and...


They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers / Ibogaine Story / The UFO Encyclopedia

...with MORE reviews of books and films and...


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