Number 7


Probably the best cover. Conceived by the humble edtior & skillfully executed by former Crash Collusion editor Wes (where is he now?) Nations, we were waiting for the Alientao ® to appear on rave invitations. Maybe it has...

This issue featured an excellent swiftian piece on the Ethics of Extraterrestrial Belief by one of the most intelligent observers of the UFO scene, Martin Kottmeyer. (His work has also appeared in UFO magazine, the Anomalist series, and publications of the now defunct Archaeus Project, among others.) We also examined a little-known invention&endash;Nikola Tesla's earthqauke machine&endash;with the appropriate speculations on its more sinister aspects re: Aum Shinrikyo, the Space Shuttle, and Naval Intelligence. Scott Corrales weighed in with the nail in the coffin for the UMMO phenomenon. Starting a fine tradition of rants in the magazine were John Shirley and his media caveat emptor, and Jeremy Bate started up with an essay entitled Blinded by Science. Our news section made its debut.


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