Number 6


A real good one.

One of the first features on the ubiquitous "Goatsucker" to appear in print, authored by the ubiquitous Scott Corrales, led off the issue. The occult roots of Green Eggs and Ham were suprisingly uncovered by Daren McGovern, and the first of a three part series exploring possible skullduggery in the work of Carlos Castaneda by Mr. Adam Gorightly. The only magazine interview ever given by alien writing expert Dr. Mario Pazzaglini graced our pages, as well as a rare talk with Richard Boylan, said to be one of our most critical. The Church of Scientology kept after us for about a year due to what they saw as inaccuracies in Jack Parsons: The Magickal Scientist (Featuring some new pictures of Parsons et. al recently surfaced .)


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