Peter Jordan began investigating cattle mutilation cases in 1979. Concentrating on the Dulce, New Mexico area, Jordan first talked with Manuel Gomez, owner and operator of the largest private ranch in the area. Soon before any disturbances began, Gomez reported receiving calls late at night from a man with a thick German accent threatening that "they" would get his land no matter what he did. Soon after this, Gomez' cattle began showing up dead in his fields, some lying a few feet from his bedroom window. "He said the voice sounded like it was reading from a script" says Jordan. The calls continued after the deaths as well, reinforcing the previous threats.

Jordan received little or no cooperation from official sources in a search for the culprits, so as law enforcement officials have been doing for decades, he enlisted the talents of psychics. To ensure consistency, four individuals were consulted. Sealed envelopes containing pictures and slides of the land and dead cattle were given to the sensitives. Their comments, published in issue #38 of Fortean Times showed great similarity in theme if not detail. All agreed that the phenomenon was human-based, pointing to some government or quasi-government agency using the isolated location to perform a number of operations connected to the cattle operation.

When the national security establishment or their cohorts in the private sector decide to move in a certain direction, they will most likely do so when their actions accomplish many things at once. This being the case, the cattle mutilation scenario could be useful in the following ways:

1: Psychological warfare techniques in remotely populated areas.
2: Training/ testing of covert operations personnel and techniques.
3: Testing of stealth technology and aircraft under cover of darkness.
4: Study of the spread of rumor and disinformation flow.
5: Adding another layer to the UFO mythos.
6: Land acquisition without the hassle of negotiation or revealing the motivating interest, i.e. mineral deposits, underground facility access/ construction.
7: Genetic experimentation.
8: Testing of medication and/or pathogens.
9: Testing of field medical procedures.

Jordan has suggested some of these reasons. Others were extrapolated from information provided by his psychics and the historic record of covert operations in the US as well as abroad, as well as the observations of local residents.

The psychics also saw underground facilities, helicopters with "feathered blades to change the sound," lighter-than-air craft, men in shiny black jumpsuits, and ex-military personnel. Lending further support to the non-UFO connection was an experiment performed on an affected herd in which cattle were exposed to varying wavelengths of UV light. Fluorescent blotches showed up on the backs of individuals with similar lineage and in the same general age group. Some of the marked cattle later turned up dead and cut up in classic mutilation fashion.

Resercher and journalist Ted Oliphant has published an article on his website entitled A Fresh Look at the Cattle Mutilation Mystery, detailing his ongoing investigations into the subject. Serving as a police officer in Fyffe, AL, he was able to examine over 40 suspicious cattle deaths firsthand. Oliphant's source and contact, "Phil" suggested that he look into the history of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), otherwise known as "mad cow disease." Oliphant points out that this may answer the question of why the mutilators don't have their own herds. In his scenario, helipcopters fly low over pastures at night looking for diseased animals that can be spotted by their heat signature on an infrared camera. Citing two overt and one covert group that is studying BSE, Oliphant speculates that the black budget-funded group may be the culprits in cattle mutilaitons. The examination of bodily fluids is important in diagnosis, and the exsanguination of affected cows lends further credence to this theory.

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